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IT Audit


If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Why an IT Audit or Health-Check?

Why An IT Audit From DBT?

Large or small, IT infrastructure and its associated maintenance are an integral part of business reality today.
When not maintained properly, this infrastructure begins to display tell-tale signs of poor health. These could be:

  • Slow computers - Over time, most computers begin to slow down for a variety of reasons such as software conflicts, insufficient disk space or memory, and improper configuration.
  • Slow network - As devices are added or changes are made to how business is conducted, network performance can be impacted. Identifying bottlenecks or improperly configured network hardware can lead to improved performance.
  • Software limitations - Businesses grow and the software packages that run the business also change. It is important to keep critical applications and operating system updates current to ensure optimal performance.
  • Outages - Frequent or intermittent outages, including the inability to access servers or web sites can have a serious impact on productivity. These issues are often caused by improperly configured network infrastructure or computer software.
  • Virus outbreak - Virus outbreaks are the number one cause of data loss in corporate networks, it is critical to ensure all devices are adequately protected.
  • Growth - Adding devices, users, or new software can have unforeseen effects on overall performance. It is important to properly plan for growth.
Direct Business Technologies has 45 years of combined IT experience ranging from large national business support to assisting small local businesses grow and become more efficient. We understand that in regards to IT practices, the same principles apply to a business of any size. Our assessment tool and reports give decision makers a complete understanding of their IT infrastructure, specifically:

  • Protection of data – Backup, recovery, and disaster recovery.
  • Securing of data – User authentication, permissions, encryption, secure remote connections, AntiVirus, firewalls.
  • Managing of assets – Desktops, servers, laptops, handheld devices, printers, telephones, applications, warranty, support, equipment depreciation.
Our team of engineers also possess valuable business expertise and use this unique blended skill set to help each client get more from their IT infrastructure.

Small Business IT Health-Check

  • You are a small business within a single location.
  • You have no permanent IT staff but have a temp with a bit of a flare for technology.
  • You have around 49 devices on your network.
  • You do not have a set IT budget.
  • You will replace hardware as needed and when it dies.
  • There is no IT strategy in place.
  • You are one step away from disaster.
  • You have previously suffered from a virus attack.
  • Everything just seems really slow….zzzzz

Medium Business IT Health-Check

  • You are a medium business with an outsourced IT team providing break/fix support.
  • You have 50 to 300 devices on the network.
  • Some consideration and budget is provided for IT.
  • You find IT to be a costly but a necessary evil. You are trying to be proactive with regards to technology.
  • The general perception of the users is that IT is just "OK."
  • You just want technology to work..
  • Your company has suffered some sort of outage in the past 12 months.

Large Corporation IT Health-Check

  • You have over 300 devices.
  • You have multiple locations throughout the country or maybe even global offices.
  • You have a small IT department or completely outsourced IT team.
  • You understand IT plays a key role in the business process and without it, your business would suffer.
  • Your industry requires certain compliance and your records are heavily audited.
  • Even though your business is growing rapidly, you understand you need technology to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Your IT needs require a well planned 3-5 year strategy.
  • Outages are rare, but still happen at times.
  • Your company takes new tecnology into consideration when developing business processes.

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