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Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence covers a broad category of software solutions that enable a business to gain insight into critical operations through reporting and analysis tools.
Today it is easier than ever for data to be presented in a clear, consistent manner to business executives and workers, allowing for both strategic and tactical decision making. This data can include historical information from legacy applications, as well as new data  gathered from systems as it is generated. Virtually any business regardless of size can benefit from the insight provided by Business Intelligence.

Direct Business Technologies can work with you to determine where you are missing critical data reporting, and develop a solution to present that data in a meaningful way.

Benefits of a Business Intelligence Solution

  • Access reporting efficiently, without the need to print everything
  • Provide a single and accurate source for operational and financial information
  • Gain insight to understand and analyze business performance and opportunities.
  • Scalability and flexibility to grow and change with the business

Business Intelligence Scenarios

  • The need to integrate data from multiple business applications
  • Lack of visibility into the company's operations or finances
  • The need to access relevant business data quickly and on demand
  • An increase in the number of users needing access to reports

Value of a BI Service

  • Data collection processes are improved to produce more accurate and trustworthy data
  • Quicker access to information
  • Reduced report requests
  • Lower administrative costs for BI Infrastructure

Challenges to a Business without BI

  • Performance reporting typically only occurs once per month
  • Missing performance view of key business segments
  • Manual assembly of information
  • Reliance on vendors to customize application reporting
  • Data is reported after the fact
  • Data is recorded or reported in multiple spreadsheets
  • More time spent compiling instead of analyzing data
  • Data may not be presented in a meaningful way

DBT Business Intelligence Services

  • Custom database and report development
  • Aggregate reporting from multiple systems
  • Modification of existing application reports
  • Dashboard design and development
  • Self Service Reporting
  • MS Access customization and development
  • Data integration between systems
  • Excel automation

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